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Roz Lee

Show Me the Ropes

Show Me the Ropes

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For two years, Richard Wolfe, Cruise Director and Co-owner of the Lothario, has been in love with the lovely Dr. Fallon Enright. When she hired on to provide oral sex classes, she did it with the stipulation she could document the sessions as research for a self-help book. Because of that research and Fallon’s frustratingly admirable ethics, she’s made it clear she wouldn’t have a personal relationship with her employer. He was sure his well-deserved reputation as an international playboy had a lot to do with her decision.

She’d captured Richard’s attention and his heart, and he’d done everything he could think of to change her mind. Some of his ideas had been stupider than others, but the one thing he was convinced would change her mind was the one thing he wasn’t sure he’d ever have the opportunity to tell her. Then Fallon walked into his office and declared her research complete, and asked for an early release from her contract. Something inside him snapped. Desperate for one last chance to convince her he was a changed man and his love was real, Richard stooped to an all-time low. Blackmailing her into being his sex slave for one week-long cruise in exchange for the early release she wanted was a risk. A big one if she filed sexual harassment charges instead of agreeing. She’d win in a court of law, and he and his partner Ryan could lose everything

Fallon couldn’t believe she had agreed to Richard’s asinine plan. There was something about his tone of voice when he stipulated she would have to submit to him in all things. The possibilities sent a shiver up her spine. She’d never thought about being a Sub, but somehow the idea of submitting to Richard felt right.

In the course of the week, Richard and Fallon learn a lot about each other, and perhaps more about themselves, as their relationship takes them both into uncharted waters. When, at last, Richard reveals everything to Fallon, will it be enough to convince her that his is a binding love?

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